We are proud to work with many inspirational businesses.

Here are a few of their stories.

Image by Mink Mingle


Melodic Distraction is an independent internet radio station,

online magazine and events programmer situated in the heart of Liverpool,

currently launching their very first MD merch.

As a community radio station, Melodic Distraction is a platform showcasing the finest sounds from Liverpool’s music scene and beyond. Broadcasting the whole week, gathering a community of DJs, musicians, producers, festivals, parties, record stores, artists and so much more.

What once started as a hobby and a desire to bring value to the community, it is now a continuously growing business with ambitious plans.

We have been able to support Melodic Distraction in this exciting journey with consultancy, funded by the Reach Fund, to develop their business plan and financial plan.




''With the help of the Adding Value team we made our business investment-ready and we are now in a position that allows us to make decisions for future growth. Although it might be challenging at times, we wanted to bring value to the community and that is what kept us going.’’


Josh & James – founders of Melodic Distraction