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"Matthew has provided a flexible and highly effective finance director function. He helped us to re-focus our financial strategy, make cost reductions and lay the foundations to grow new income sustainably."


"With the help of the Adding Value team we made our business investment-ready and we are now in a position that allows us to make decisions for future growth. Although it might be challenging at times, we wanted to bring value to the community and that is what kept us going."

Melodic Distraction

“We love working with the Adding Value team. They offer professional support in a relaxed and relatable way. Their expertise and understanding of what we are trying to do as a social business have enabled us to plan for both financial growth and increased social impact in a coherent way. The team is incredibly patient and approachable, helping to explain things we are unfamiliar with and resourceful in finding answers to our questions and helping us to always try and keep one step ahead. With more exciting plans in the pipeline, we're glad to have the support of Adding Value as we continue on our mission to find better ways to grow food that's good for people in ways that are good for the planet.”


Farm Urban

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